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Make and Design with Carina Gardner

Sep 3, 2021

On today’s episode of the Make + Design Podcast, Jeanie Dickinson returns as Carina’s guest star to talk to us about how process can get you through the hard times as a designer. Jeanie likes to think about art as creativity and creativity soothed her soul during various tough periods in her life. Jeanie tells us about a time that the scrapbooking she owned burned down. On top of that, her home was in the back of the scrapbooking store so she lost everything. Jeanie had to be rescued by the firemen and was extremely traumatized by the event. Art gave Jeanie an outlet that allowed her to process what she went through so that she could heal. On top of art, learning a new skill–in Jeanie’s case it was digital design–helped Jeanie to move on from her trauma. Carina and Jeanie have known each other for a long time and Carina has always been impressed by Jeanie’s drive to level up her talent. Jeanie gives great insight into ways that consistent effort over time leads to big results. You’ll want to check this one out on YouTube because Jeanie shows us some of her creations and explains her creative process. She gives us some great nuggets of wisdom about what she’s learned through the adversity she’s faced!


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About Carina Gardner:

Carina Gardner is a fabric designer, paper designer, and design educator who is passionate about helping other designers fulfill their creative dreams by teaching them her strategies for making money as a designer. She has a Ph.D. in Design and taught design at the University of Minnesota before starting Carina Gardner, Inc.


Carina Gardner, Inc design brand has been featured in dish ware, holiday decor, sewing patterns, and more. Her exclusive Design Suite Program helps creatives make money designing as they learn to design. Her programs include Illustrator and Photoshop training, surface pattern design, paper design, Silhouette & Cricut file design, and running a design business. She started the Make and Design Podcast so that she could share inspiration, stories, and experiences about design and life with crafters and designers.


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About Today’s Guest

Jeanie Dickinson is an artist, a designer, and a businesswoman. You can find Jeanie’s blog (with links to all of her art!) here: